Solcelledrevet Potelys

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Disse vakre potetrykkene lades opp av solenergi i løpet av dagen og tennes automatisk når mørket faller på. En herlig dekorasjon for alle dyrevenner å ha i hagen sin

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Johanna M.

Super fine and durable!

Love these lamps. Have had a lot of rain and heat and they are holding up very well.

Ulrika O.

In memory of our dog

Have set these up as a memory of our lovely Lufsen who passed away last year. They light up very nicely in the evening

Joakim P.

Cozy light and cute paws!

Bought these a while ago and they work great. Nice soft light and cute paws.

Enjoy Bright Paws Regardless of Weather

Don't worry about rain, snow, frost, or slush. The robust plastic construction provides the longest lifespan of all LED bulbs on the market!

Simple & Fast Installation

Press the paw prints into the ground on a softer surface such as soil, bark, or grass.

Place the included solar panel in a location where the sun's rays can charge the lighting during the day. The paw prints will then automatically light up when darkness falls.

You can also choose to manually determine which evenings you want the lighting to turn on or off with the on/off button.

Product information

These solar-powered paw print lights are designed to illuminate gardens and pathways with a warm and welcoming glow. With an impressive operating time of up to 8-10 hours on a full charge, you can enjoy safe visibility and secure evening walks.

Each paw print is 9cm x 9cm
Power source

Solid color

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