Solar-powered night light

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This solar-powered lamp automatically charges during the day to provide fantastic light from dusk till dawn. With a built-in battery, these solar lamps are safe, convenient, and energy-efficient. No bulky cables and no need for electricity.

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Create a warm and inviting glow in the garden

Light up your garden, driveway, or terrace with beautiful torches that automatically light up in the evening for up to 10 hours in the dark.

Hassle-free installation

Our torches require no wires or difficult installation. Simply mount the torch, click "on", attach the stake to the ground, and let the flames appear at dusk.

No cables needed

No wires or cables are needed. The lamp is powered entirely by solar energy.

Environmentally friendly energy

The lamps are charged by sunlight during the day and can operate for up to 10 hours after one day of exposure to sunlight.

Automatic on/off

When the sunlight disappears, the lamp lights up and flames beautifully in the darkness.

Made to last

The lamps are designed to withstand the Swedish weather. They are waterproof, can withstand strong winds, and can be used both when it is hot and there is a fire ban in the summer, and when the snow covers the ground in the winter.

Product information

The lamps are safe for children and pets. With gentle lighting and realistic flames, these lamps are a durable and fire-safe alternative to candles and torches.


1.2 V/600/1000 mAh Li-ion (included)

Battery life

Shines for up to 10 hours in the dark

Charging time

6-8 hours for full charge (varies depending on the weather)

Water resistance



Total height: 52 cm. Lamp head width: 10 cm

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